I'm not a recruiter, never was and never will be. Doesn't mean I can't help you to find the person or company you need. I do have a large network around the globe and I do get a lot of questions from studios asking me if I know someone for a specific job. As I got tired to answer and use my memory over and over again, I created on online database of CG People which I have met over the years in real-life or online. They added their skills, portfolio links and other relevant info and I made it all searchable if needed. So if you want to be discovered or discover just register and you are added to this and studios who aks me will be able to search, find and contact you if they want to.
Oh and did I mention that it is free? Well now I did.


Once you have searched this is what you will get, the option to check the persons Contact and Professional info and his Portfolio in a glance. If you like what you see you just send an email to establish the contact. How hard can it be

Make sure to login or register when you want to interact with or search for people and skills. If you have not done this there is no option to communicate.